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Monday, February 7, 2011

Free, who doesn`t like free?

Free. Really we all love free, especially when it helps & is something that can improve your powder coating! Powder365 has a downloads page where you can download all sorts of goodies. There are powder coating manuals, information on grounding, spreadsheets to help with costing jobs, helpful hints on fire inspections. Check it out & check back often as we constantly update :) 
For the month of February all Neons & Fluorescents are 10% off. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmm!

So last week there were 2 instances that stopped me short in my tracks & made me go hmmmm! First was a charity that was very near & dear to me. I discovered that who the charity actually supports & who they lead you to believe they support are 2 totally different groups of people... hmmmm! Next was also personal, we at Powder365 discovered from our loyal customers that someone was mis-representing themselves as Powder365.  This saddens us as Powder365 prides itself on fast shipping, fresh powder & the ultimate in customer service (of course I have to say this... I am 1/2 of the customer service!!)  
 To know that there is an unscrupulous person on eBay that is leading people to believe they are Powder365 & conning the custom coater out of their hard earned $$ while managing to tarnish the good reputation we at Powder365 are trying to maintain. This not only make me go hmmmm but also grrrrrrrr!  How dare they, that is just not very nice. 
 So we at Powder365 want our customers to be aware that either on our website or our eBay store the Powder365 logo is very prominent. Very! There is no mistaking that it is us. 
 Now get back to work & remember that Powder365 is your one stop shop for all things powder coating ;) powder365.com

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like your favourite pair of boots!

 Mirror Black! To me Mirror Black is like my favourite pair of RM Williams boots. I have had these boots for years, lost count on how often I have resoled them. Whenever I know I have a long day ahead of me or if I need to kick some booty I always wear these boots. They are comfortable, I know what to expect when I wear them & it gives me confidence. Shooting Mirror Black is exactly the same. There are never any surprises with this powder. It is consistently awesome to shoot, flows out nicely & customers are amazed by the depth of colour on their parts. Mirror Black is UV stable & does not require a clear coat. If you make a mistake it can easily be sanded & re-coated & can also be used as a primer.  Mirror Black is one of those colours that you can shoot, throw it in the oven & besides checking for temperatures you never have to baby sit... nice!
 Customers just love this colour. Yesterday I had a customer dropping off parts while another was picking up. When the one customer saw the other customers parts in Mirror Black they changed their mind & went with Mirror Black! It is a colour that is loved by bike & car enthusiasts they can turn factory issued to a custom ride without breaking the bank. For coaters it is a powder that is a dream to shoot & a win win for all involved.
 Last month powder365.com was giving away free Mirror Black (this month they are giving away free Red Oxide Primer). If you have never tried Mirror Black then you are doing yourself & your customers a disservice. Every shop should have this colour in their arsenal of powders. It is definitely a must have!
 Now I gotta go load the box full of bike parts & frame to be delivered to a bike shop... guess what colour they are???

Friday, October 8, 2010

Do a what???

OK so running a powder coating business I am used to the weird & unusual but today took me totally out of my comfort zone. My boss sent me an e-mail & says "We need to get blogging"! Blogging??? Now if she had said bogging I would have been all over it, but was does this transplanted Aussie Redneck know about blogging? So here I am having spent the last hour setting up an account & now I am ready to blog.
 But what exactly do I blog about? Who is interested in me & my life? Oh wait I am to elaborate on the virtues of powder365.com.... OK I can do that, that is easy! Why? Cause as a custom coater we have gone down the road of bad suppliers & misinformation. It was always "our fault", equipment not good enough, ground not good enough, every excuse in the book! But come to find out it was the powder that was NOT stored correctly that was the problem all along.
That is why I have no hesitation is saying that powder365.com is definitely THE place for custom coaters to buy their powder. Not only do we store all powder in a climate controlled facility, we have outstanding customer service.... it is Carol & I !!!!! Powder365.com truly cares about the custom coaters. We get it, `cause we are custom coaters, we know what you need `cause we need the same things!
 Here are a few points on why you should make powder365.com your powder coating supplier.....

  • All powder orders over $100 are always free shipping.
  • Order powder in increments of 1/2 pound.
  • Toll Free phone number to place your order 1-877-350-2343.
  • Orders placed before noon Mon-Fri will ship same day.
  • Price breaks at 2, 5, 10 & 15 pounds.
  • Constantly updating colours & custom blending.
  • Real technical assistance from actual custom coaters.
  • Active powder coating forum with many expert coaters willing to share their knowledge & expertise. 
OK that is it for today. The shop oven is off, the kitchen oven is about to be turned on... does it never end?
After I publish this & figure out how to send links so people can find me you can bet the first e-mail I send is to my boss.... you might find someone else doing this tomorrow & I just lost my job!!!!! 
Here is the link to our great store... you will not be disappointed... I promise.....